Annual Flower Care

Annuals are a great way to bring bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard.

Fertilizing your flower bed and containers is important in order to get  their maximum bloom. Organic soils do not always contain sufficient nutrients and so a supplemental fertilizer may be needed. The easiest fertilizer program is to use a slow release fertilizer that you apply once during the season. Examples are Osmocote or Fertilome Garden*cote . An alternative is to fertilize once every two weeks with a liquid (water soluble) fertilizer. Examples are: Fertilome Gardener’s Special, Fox Farm Big Bloom or Age Old Organics.

If you are into organic growing we carry a good number of organic fertilizers  for your your flower or vegetable gardens.  Age Old Organics, Dr Earth or even Fox Farm general purpose fertilizer.  Some of the organics need to be applied weekly or once a month.

Fertilizing and correct watering will help the plants thrive in our desert like conditions.  Don’t be afraid to try new varieties of annuals or fertilizers as many of the new varieties will do better than the standard fertilizers and flower.  If you want to conserve water try using a soaker hose and mulching your flower bed with cedar mulch or recycled mulch. Using mulch will help with watering it will also help with weed control.

When planting annuals try and put similar styles that require like amounts of water.  Remember there are many varieties that like to trail, or grow upright and using a mixture can liven your flower pots and beds for a wonderful season.

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