Pond items are available year around. Update your existing pond with new plants, need a new pump, spitter, water plants or Koi. Need a decoy to keep those pesky herons away?  We have you covered with netting or decoys.


Jared’s offers a variety of koi and goldfish for your pond.  In order for your new pets to live through the winter the Denver Metro area your pond should have at least one spot or more that are a minimum of 18” deep.  In addition to a water pump or air pump running throughout the year.

Koi will vary in color and size, as well as both standard koi and butterfly.  Availability varies each week starting around April 15th through the end of July.  We also carry food pellets for koi and goldfish, bird bath heaters, de-icer, organic and chemical pond treatments and much more.

Fish Food


We carry high quality pond liners along with those items you need to fix or expand your pond..


Enjoy your water features with our high quality waterfall, fountain, and pond pumps. Call now or stop in the Garden Center to check our extensive variety of 40 GPH – 6000 GPH units.


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