Bulk Rock, Mulches and Soils

We sell bulk rock, soil and mulches for retail and wholesale customers.  Some varieties of soil include top soil, garden mix, 3 types of composts.  We also carry varying sizes of river rock and crushed granite along with sand, breeze and mulches and barks. All bulk material is available for delivery as well as in store purchase.  Sold in 1/2 cubic yard increments.   If you would like a smaller amount bring a 5 gallon bucket and a shovel and fill it yourself.



Garden Mix
Excellent planting soil for raised beds; it is mixture of roughly 65 % sandy loam top soil and 35% compost.  We recommend you water it 3 times prior to planting is for optimum moisture retention.

Top Soil
Top soil is a sandy loam soil excellent to fill in low spots in the lawn or just fill in around plants there is roughly 8% organic matter.

Black Tea Compost
This low salt compost is less fragrant than most and has a nice rich dark color is certified organic.

5Way Compost
Our best compost will go great mixed in to your vegetable gardens or even top dressing your garden or lawn. Composted in Colorado.

Dairy Cow Compost
Nice rich dark colored compost; it is great for planting perennials and shrubs or top dressing your flower beds and lawn.

Mulches and Bark

  • Cedar, Western Red
  • Cedar, Dark (Gorilla or double shredded)
  • Dyed Red Mulch (recycled wood)
  • Dyed Cherry Brown Mulch (recycled wood)
  • Playsoft
  • Small Spruce Bark
  • Medium Spruce Bark
  • Chipper Mulch  (OUT OF STOCK)


All Products sold in 1/2 cubic yard or 1 cubic yard amounts

Bulk Rock

River Rock  Platte 3/4″ and less

River Rock Platte 1.5″ and less

River Rock Tan  1.5″ and less

Cobblestone Medium 2-5″

Cobblestone Large   5-8″

Mesa Gray   1-2″

Mexican Beach 1-2″

Granite Crushed 3/4″ and less

Granite Crushed 1.5″ and Less

Dolomite  Colorado Sunset 1.5″

Dolomite  Tri Color 1.5″

Breeze  Gray

Breeze Red

Road Base

Structural Fill

Rough Fill

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