Christmas Tree Varieties

Fresh Cut Free Range Christmas Tree Varieties for 2020 Concolor Fir Longest Lasting Christmas tree available, cut locally, this excellent tree is not pruned but grown...

After Christmas Sale 20-70%

After Christmas Sale at Jared's.  Most Christmas items will be 20-70% Off.  Dec 26th through January 17, 2021.  Shop now, save money...

20% -70% Off Christmas Items

After Christmas Sale.  All Christmas Items are between 20-70% Off December 26th through January.  Shop for 2021 and save.24

Santa at Jared’s

Santa unfortunately can't make it this year but we do have a picture opportunity with Santa and Gingerbread people.

Fall Seed Planning

As you are putting your gardens to bed for the season? Make notes on what veggies did well for you. Then, make...

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New Arrival of Seeds and Soil

.td-all-devices {display:none;} Spring Classes Coming Soon    Classes will start in February every Saturday until the end of April 2019.  Thank you for visiting our site.

Gifts and Seeds

Come to Jared's and see the great gifts, plants, and seeds for 2019.  2018 Seeds on sale and new seeds are arriving weekly

Watering New Shrubs

Shrubs planted within the last 2 seasons are considered newly planted.  It takes roughly 3 winters to establish a plant. Following are some general guidelines...


Perennials are a great way to add color, with low water usage and little maintenance. Perennials will usually return year after year. However, selecting and...