Roses For 2024


Roses typically arrive around Mother’s Day ready to plant, limited to stock on hand.  



Variety Class Color
All A Twitter Miniature Orange
Cosmic Clouds Grandiflora Yellow
Frida Kahlo Floribunda Red Striped White
Gourmet Popcorn Shrublet White
Heavenly Scented Hybrid Tea Conch Pink
Julia Child Floribunda Golden Yellow
Joseph’s Coat Climber Red/Pink/Orange
Jump for Joy Floribunda Peachy Pink
Legends Hybrid Tea Ruby Red
Let Freedom Ring Hybrid Tea Bright Light Red
Livin’ Easy Floribunda Apricot-Orangey
Midnight Fire Hybrid Tea Mini Orange w/ Purple
Mister Lincoln Hybrid  Tea Red
Morning Glow Floribunda Peachy White
Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Pink and White Striped
Peace Hybrid Tea Yellow and Pink
Perfume Delight Hybrid Tea Deep Rose Pink
Picture Perfect Hybrid Tea Fuchsia Pink
Pop Art Grandiflora Pink Striped w/ Yellow
Pumpkin Patch Floribunda Caramel Orange
Rock & Roll Grandiflora Striped Burgandy White Red
Rosie The Riveter Floribunda Orangey with Pink and Gold
Ruby Ruby Patio Bright Chery Red
Scentimental Floribunda Burgandy Red w/ White
St Patrick Hybrid Tea Yellow
Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea White
Sweet Madame Blue Floribunda Lavender Pink
Twilight Zone Grandiflora Velvet Purple
Uptown Girl Grandiflora Coral Pink


David Austin Roses
Variety Class Color
Desdemona David Austin Peachy pink to White
Gertrude Jekyll David Austin Bright Pink Double rose
Lady of Shalott David Austin Orange with Red
Lichfield Anegel David Austin Apricot
The Generous Gardner Climbing David Austin Soft Pink
The Poet’s Wife David Austin Intense Yellow

David Austin, Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Patio and Tree Roses are not warrantied.