Warranty or Returns


Returns on gift items, pots, windchimes, bagged goods or other hard goods/decorative items are accepted with a receipt up to 14 days after purchase. Items damaged may not be returned.

Jared’s may issue a refund through store credit based on management discretion.

No return or credit on sales items sold “as is” or clearance items.

Store credit is valid for one year from date of issue. No refunds or exchanges for merchandise purchased at sale price or on clearance purchases.

Return of plant material removed from Jared’s are accepted within 3 days of purchase with a receipt (wholesale purchases non-returnable). The plants must be in retail ready shape. This means it cannot have been planted and are in original container and in good condition. If plant material is returned in non-saleable shape no credit or refund will be given.

Plant material paid for but not picked maybe returned for a refund within 14 days. Store credit will be issued beyond the 14 days unless prior agreement at the time of purchase. Purchases left after 180 days are not available for refund.

Jared’s holds all rights to refuse refunds/exchanges based on management discretion.

Animal repellents are not warranted or guaranteed by Jared’s . We have no control over deer/rabbits/elk/squirrels/voles/dogs/cats or other animals or creatures). Any warranty listed on animal repellents are issued through the manufacturer listed on the bottle or bag. (ie. Messina, Liquid Fence.)

Fountains/statuary has a 20% restocking fee on all returns. Returns of fountains and statuary are accepted up to 3 days after purchase with a receipt in original condition. If the product is damaged no return will be accepted. There is no warranty on concrete/fiberglass/resin through Colorado’s winter.

Pumps are warranted through the manufacturer but can be brought in for exchanges with a receipt showing date of purchase following all requirements from pump manufacturer. Pump warranty varies based on manufacturer.

Nursery Stock Tree / Shrub Guarantee

Nursery stock  (excluding Japanese Maples, Hybrid, Grandiflora, Floribunda or Climbing roses) purchased at regular price, are guaranteed thru the growing season of the year purchased. This means if purchased in spring or summer, the material is guaranteed through October of the year purchased. We will replace the material one time. For replacement we will normally send someone to your home to verify the material is dead or via communication through help@jaredsgarden.com is required. Replacement plants do not have warranties. There is no replacement for material that animals, covid, cars, or weather have injured or killed (such as fireblight).

Guaranteed material will be replaced if dead, not if a portion of the plant is damaged or dead. If you chose to not replace at that time we will issue an in-store credit for plant material (cannot be used for gift cards, planting, labor or deliveries).

We guarantee the nursery stock will survive, not that there may not be some dieback or damage due to shock, drought, weather conditions, mistreatment or other causes. In those situations, the plant will recover and will not be replaced. Winter watering is required. No cash or credit card/check refunds. All in-store credits must be used within 1 year once issued.

Materials purchased late in the year (September through year end) is guaranteed to leaf out or candle out in the Spring of the following year unless purchased on sale.

Christmas Trees

Jared’s cannot control how much water a Christmas tree takes up. We do not warranty Christmas trees for uptake in water or if there are spiders in the trees.

No guarantee on:

Bedding Plants (e.g., annuals, vegetables, hanging baskets, perennials), Ornamental Grasses or Houseplants Vines Small Fruits (e.g., raspberries, grapes), bulbs, sod or grass seed, Christmas Trees, Pumpkins, Koi or waterplants, Vegetables, Roses (climbing, hybrid and grandiflora’s)

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