Christmas Tree Varieties 2021


Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Varieties for 2021
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Concolor Fir

Longest Lasting Christmas tree available, cut locally, this excellent tree is not pruned but grown naturally.  Therefore the shape is more irregular and branches often further apart, providing good spacing for larger, heavier ornaments.  Tree has a nice fragrance, needles may be blueish or greenish and fairly short to fairly long.   No two are alike.    A few 6 and 7′ may be available, most are 8-16′ tall.

Douglas Fir

We carry the Oregon Douglas Fir which has an amazing fragrance.  This tree has a long (about 1/2in) thin needles that don’t typically last more than 2 weeks in Colorado’s dry climate.  This is a sheared tree so it has that typical Christmas tree look you might find on the Hallmark Channel movies.  The needles do drop off the tree as it starts to dry out.  Limited number  in stock and usually available the second weekend in December.

Fraser Fir

One of our top sellers, this tree comes from North Carolina and has a wonderful long lasting fragrance.  It tends to be a sweet smell.  The full branches are filled with short green needles that have a silvery underside.  Fraser fir are typically available in sizes from table top to 12 ft depending on the time of the Christmas season.  (large trees sell out early). The Fraser fir holds its needles very well and typically will last from December 1st through New Years.

Grand Fir

The Grand fir comes out of Washington State and is an absolutely stunning green color with glossy needles and a silver underside.  The fragrance smells like oranges and the needles are long and soft.  This tree will typically last about three weeks in the house and does a nice job at holding it’s needles.  The tree is very full but the branches tend to struggle to hold heavy ornaments.

Grand Fir
Grand Fir

Noble Fir

Our most popular tree and the most common variety sold in Colorado. The Noble fir has layered branching, with varying shades of green (from lighter to darker) needles, and a strong pleasant fragrance that will remind you of years gone by.  We carry this wonderful tree from Table top size to 12 ft most years.  Anything larger than 9 foot is typically gone by the first weekend in December.  On average this tree will last from the first week in December starting to dry out around New Years.  The Noble fir will hold its needles well and is a very full tree.  It is a heavy dense tree, so don’t forget you need a substantial stand to hold it.

Nordman Fir

The Nordman Fir is a Hypoallergenic tree that has wonderful branching, and is great for those that want a real tree but are allergic to most firs.   This tree has dark green needles with a silvery underside, and is naturally fire retardant.  One of the longest lasting cut Christmas trees this tree will make a great centerpiece for Santa and those presents.  The Nordman holds its needs easily through the beginning of January.  It is one of the main varieties of trees found for Christmas in Europe, but is now grown in Washington and Oregon.  Typical size of tree will range from 5-8ft.